Photogrammetry to boost your business

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Photogrammetry to boost your business

3DtoMe 3DtoMe is a photogrammetry application dedicated to the creation of 3D models. The application is characterized by simplicity and intuitiveness of use; in fact, no specific technical skills are required.

To create a 3D model, all you have to do is simply frame and walk around the object with your smartphone, as if you were shooting a video, and wait for intelligent photogrammetry to analyze the video and identify key points to reconstruct its three-dimensional geometry. Once the processing phase is finished, which will take only a few minutes, it will be possible to share the 3D model thanks to a unique QR code or share the associated snippet code with your team of developers so that it can be integrated within your website or e-commerce.

Once the 3D model is obtained, it will also be possible to visualize it in one's environments thanks to Augmented Reality. 3DtoMe, in fact, is the ideal solution for those companies that want to allow users to fit the product to the real size and place it in their environment before deciding whether to make a purchase, a reservation or a visit to your business.

To complete our offer, we have also created a desktop application for MacOS, aimed at those who are looking for a higher level of professionalism and "pixel perfect" definition.
Take photos of your object with a professional camera and import them into 3DtoMe with a simple drag and drop, our app will do the rest, shrinking the 3D model for you in just a few minutes.

Thanks to the Pro features, available for both iOS and MacOS, you can enrich your template:

ANNOTATIONS: Add annotations to the 3D model and display product features on your website. Tap where you want to add the detail and start typing. The annotation will appear in the 3D model preview.

ADD LINKS AND CTAs: Add a CTA to make your 3D model more engaging. Enhance your go to store strategy by adding links to web pages, documents, or additional information.

ANALYTICS: The dedicated KPI Analytics section provides a detailed view of performance, user engagement, and the effectiveness of the models themselves. This data and graphs can help you improve your marketing strategy, user experience and meet your conversion goals.

SHARE: Share your 3D model via a link or by generating a unique QR code directly from the application. Give your customers instant access to your 3D model! They don't have to download any apps!

EMBED: Use the iFrame code string generated directly from the application. Embedding the iFrame into your website or e-commerce site is as easy as copying and pasting a link!

Donato DE IESO, VP VRARA Italian Chapter and Co-founder & CEO of dilium:"The 3DtoMe application democratizes the use of 3D and augmented reality by making each product unique and viewable by its customers. It is a final piece within one's business offering to enable people to appreciate their work and products with ease."
3DtoMe opens new opportunities for merchants by allowing them to visualize the 3D model in Augmented Reality in their environments. As announced by dilium CEO Donato DE IESO; this feature revolutionizes the purchasing process for customers, who will be able to view products in their minutest details and assess their location and dimensions without having to physically go to the points of purchase.Customers can compare the shape, size, color, materials, and quality of a 3D product before placing an order. This leads to lower return rates and increased customer satisfaction, as Augmented Reality stimulates curiosity, interaction, and enables a more informed choice.

Why choose 3DtoMe?

EASY TO USE: The app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to everyone.

FAST GENERATION: The application generates detailed 3D models in seconds.

NO SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED: The application eliminates the need for specialized knowledge or training in 3D modeling.

HIGH QUALITY: Designed to produce professional-grade 3D models.
INNOVATIVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Allow your customers to interact with your products before making a purchase, creating engaging shopping experiences where augmented reality supports the buying process, building trust and excitement.