Augmented Reality

Live unique experiences with pur apps in AR

Augmented Reality

Live unique experiences with pur apps in AR

What is augmented reality

Dilium develops apps to give users the opportunity to live experiences in Augmented Reality with the simple use of their smartphones and tablets.

The Augmented Reality is a technology that adds digital elements to existing reality and integrates digital information with the environment in which users are in real-time.
The Augmented Reality is, therefore, an enrichment of everyday reality, which achievable through the mixture of digital components and the real world, which, skillfully mixed, enhance and reinforce each other.

The team >_dilium realises innovative projects, able to provide an always different and surprising experience to its users and customers. To do this, It uses a new and unexpected method for corporate communication, which is based on the interaction of the surrounding environment with the 3D world.

Our AR solutions

Dilium develops apps in Augmented Reality solutions through Hololens, ARKit, ARCore and other management frameworks.


With Hololens the approach to the fruition and the interaction occurs thanks to the use of holograms, three-dimensional images displayed in the surrounding environment through a unique display.
The viewer, based on Windows Holographic technology, is a platform that allows developers to create software using particular API.


ARKit is an Apple development software, the new system to live experiences in Augmented Reality on iPhone and iPad. ARKit is integrated into iOS 12 and allows you to create custom apps for e-commerce. An app designed with ARKit can analyse the environment that surrounds the user by using the horizontal planes, allowing them to view the virtual objects positioned in the real world.


ARCore is the Google platform developed to create experiences in Augmented Reality.
Using different API, ARCore allows the smartphone to detect the surrounding environment and interact with It.

Why choose to develop your projects in Augmented Reality