dilium develops for Biomax Magic Smile: the MedTech app that will revolutionize the dental industry

The app that simulates results through the use of Mixed Reality is on its way.

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dilium develops for Biomax Magic Smile: the MedTech app that will revolutionize the dental industry

The app that simulates results through the use of Mixed Reality is on its way.

A unique app that is truly destined to revolutionize the medical and biomedical technology sector in the dental field. It is called Magic Smile and is the patent-covered project released by the dilium team for Biomax, an Italian company that has been a leader and pioneer in the distribution of innovative products and technologies for dentistry for more than 30 years.

Developed through the use of Mixed Reality (MR), a technology that combines the features of virtual and augmented reality, Magic Smile's app is the latest hi-tech solution for 3D simulation of dental function and aesthetics, designed to support the patient in the a posteriori evaluation of the final result related to any specialist procedure, including oral surgery. A state-of-the-art tool that, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), will help accelerate progress in the field of dentistry, simplifying the treatment planning process, improving diagnoses and offering increasingly accurate and timely medical care to patients.

Already presented in Verona last September at the 24th Biomax International Congress, today the Magic Smile app has emerged from the prototyping stage and is already available on the AppStore. In addition, Magic Smile was also presented at the VRARA Healthcare Forum 2023 in front of hundreds of experts from both the healthcare and technology sectors.


How Biomax's Magic Smile app works.

Nothing could be simpler. The Magic Smile app combines augmented and virtual reality to process the patient's face tracking and obtain a digital simulation of their smile. All the patient needs to do is hold a green band between their teeth, which will act as a virtual space at the smile to preview the final result.

Biomax's Magic Smile app, a true professional tool in the hands of dentists looking to the future of the profession, will also allow doctors in dental practices to upload personal data and 3D models of patients within a safe and secure management system.


dilium partners with PoliMi's Augmented Reality & Metaverse Observatory

From 2022, and again during 2023, dilium is a partner of the Augmented Reality & Metaverse Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano to support research and communication activities on digital innovation in the field of emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Metaverse.

As an SME that promotes technological innovation by designing and developing apps and digital solutions based on AR, VR, AI and blockchain, it is now working alongside major companies such as Biomax that want to take advantage of emerging technologies to initiate or accelerate digitization and invest in innovation and digital culture as a strategy for growth and market differentiation.


dilium partner of the VRARA Italy association.

As of 2019, dilium is also a member of the Italian chapter of the VR/AR Association chaired by Lorenzo Montagna, with our CEO and co-founder, Donato De Ieso, vice president of the group.

VR/AR Association is the international ecosystem that has become a worldwide reference point for new technologies and was created with the aim of fostering contact and collaboration among member companies, promoting collaboration between digital solution providers and end users, promoting research, knowledge and training in the field of augmented and virtual reality, and contributing to the development and dissemination of industry best practices and standards.


dilium Partners MMN for the Development of Spatial Computing

In 2023, dilium and MMN founded Italy's first Spatial Computing Experience Competence Center.

The creation of this Competence Center is aimed at making the most of the cutting-edge technology of the Apple VisionPro, which represents a significant step in our journey toward transforming the future of augmented and virtual reality experiences.

The Competence Center serves as a center of excellence, providing a state-of-the-art research and development environment where our teams share knowledge, expertise and resources to create innovative solutions. Together, we will tackle the most complex challenges in AR and VR, bringing our creativity and commitment to transform the way people interact with technology.