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SafeTruth Blockchain wears River Laurent

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The anti-counterfeiting solution protects the streetwear brand River Laurent.

Safetruth uses NFC Smart Tags and blockchain to guarantee quality certifications

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SafeTruth makes use of two innovative technologies, Blockchain and NFC Smart Tags, to guarantee product quality certifications and counter the growth of the counterfeit goods market, restoring value to the original production.

AIXA: Artificial Intelligence Expo of Applications is back

Published on

On the 6th of November dilium will participate with AR Studio in the most important Italian event on Artificial Intelligence at the MiCo Milano Convention Centre.

Augmented Reality is the best ally in online sales

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An AR solution satisfies everyone: customers and sellers. Accessible and simple to implement, it helps you strengthen your business.

Dilium wins the Magic Wand Retail Revolution

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We are among the six startups that access the second phase of the Digital Magic's acceleration program